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  • Duvernay
  • Muskwa
  • Nordegg
  • Exshaw
  • Second White Specks
  • Swan Hills
  • Central Mckenzie Valley
  • Utica
  • New Brunswick

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  • Duvernay
  • Muskwa
  • Nordegg
  • Exshaw
  • Second White Specks
  • Swan Hills
  • Central Mckenzie Valley
  • Utica
  • New Brunswick

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  • Completions
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Emerging Shale & Tight Plays Canada 2012

Liquids-Rich Gas. Tight Oil. The Future.

The development of unconventional tight oil resources in Canada is still very much in its infancy meaning two things for E&P companies; one, a large proportion of Canada’s production potential has yet to be unlocked and secondly, keeping a scrutinizing eye on the development of these emerging plays is critical to stay ahead of the game. In an intense environment of high investment stakes and depressed gas prices, it is imperative that only the most lucrative oil and liquids-rich plays are entered.

With the continual development and successful use of horizontal drilling and completions technology in the US, the technology needed to exploit these unconventional tight oil resources is at our fingertips. The key however, is knowing where to take that technology and how much it is going to cost. Based on all the knowledge we have, which play is going to be your safest bet?

Emerging Shale & Tight Plays Canada 2012 brought together data from the hottest emerging plays to determine tight oil and liquids-rich gas production capabilities and verify the commercial feasibility of these resources.  The congress examined the thermal maturation, rock type and stabilized production rates of the Duvernay, Muskwa, Exshaw, Second White Specks, Swan Hills, Central McKenzie Valley, Utica & New Brunswick.

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Day one opened by looking at sweet spot identification and understanding those critical pre-drilling parameters needed to determine the prospectivity of the oil window within a tight play. It then delved into the Duvernay, looking at rock quality across the play, drilling and completions costs and then well performance, to validate its commercial viability. In the afternoon, it event examined the geology, geophysics and geochemistry of the Muskwa. Following that, delegates saw a discussion on the geology and well performance of the Nordegg and the Exshaw. The day concluded by looking at the Devonian shales of Central MacKenzie Valley to determine their commercial viability as the next big resource play.

Day two opened with a panel looking at how the application of new technology has re-invigorated established plays and enabled emerging oil trends. It then looked at the selection and management of shale and tight projects based on a manufacturing perspective. This was followed by a analysis of the geology, completions and activity update of the Second White Specks and Swan Hills. The day concluded with a regional geological assessment of the Utica and the New Brunswick to determine the economic viability of these plays.

Devon Energy

"Very applicable and practical topics; good speakers"


O&G Series

With robust profit margins at stake….

…It is crucial for Canadian operators to focus their attention on liquids-rich windows and formations. But where is the oil window? How do you determine which area is going to be more liquids-rich? How much is it going to cost to exploit?

Because of all these questions, Emerging Shale & Tight Plays Canada 2012 is bringing leading experts in exploration together to answer them. Executive speakers will map the key production mechanisms and well results in the hottest emerging prospects in Canada, to determine their long term production potential and assess the economic viability of these tight oil and liquids-rich plays:

DUVERNAY : Measuring how the Duvernay’s pressure and thickness have impacted completions and drilling costs and ultimately, economic viability of the source rock

MUSKWA : Understanding the geology, geophysics and geochemistry to anticipate drilling hazards and determine how to effectively flow oil from the formation

NORDEGG : Analyzing rock properties and well performance to determine if this organic rich play has the right criteria for successful exploitation

BAKKEN-TORQUAY : Assessing the exploration risk entailed when exploiting such a thin reservoir to understand the true potential of recovering economic quantities of hydrocarbon

SECOND WHITE SPECKS : Delivering the latest completions methods used and subsequent well performance to better understand how to unlock the organic rich resource

SWAN HILLS : Linking geological heterogeneity and completions methods back to well performance to deduce the key parameters and techniques necessary for a productive well in the Swan Hills

CENTRAL MACKENZIE VALLEY : Examining the geological components and production potential of the Devonian shales to determine its potential as an emerging resource

UTICA : Analyzing geological, petrophysical, engineering and regulatory components of the Utica to determine the scope of the liquids-rich play

NEW BRUNSWICK : Evaluating a combination of geological potential and recent drilling results to determine the future viability of the play

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